Two Hit By One

Harry Bushman Drowned.

The people of Bismarck were shocked Sunday afternoon by the report of the drowning of Harry Bushman, one of the city's most popular boys. He was bathing in the Missouri with a number of playmates and was carried out by the current into deep water. Being unable to swim he went down and the boys who were with him were small and inexperienced and did not dare attempt to swim to him.

Their cries for help attracted Paul Grover, who was fishing near by, and he hastened to the spot, stripped as rapidly as possible and swimming to the point where Harry disappeared, dove to the bottom and found the body, which he returned to the shore. There were faint symptoms of life but they soon disappeared.

The deceased was fifteen years of age and was one of the most intelligent and promising of Bismarck's boys. He was popular among his associates and every citizen mourns his loss. To the bereaved father this is a severe and crushing blow, and to him the heartfelt sympathy of the community is extended.

Bismarck Weekly Tribune, 8/9/1889

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