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B. H. Egeland, of Webster, S. D., Puts a Bullet Through His Head.

Moorhead, Jan. 20: Last night about 8:30 o'clock a well dressed man of about fifty years of age, entered the Columbia hotel office and asked for a room. He registered as B. H. Egeland of Webster, S. Dak., and asked to be shown to a room at once. The man seemed to be deep in thought.

When he reached the room which is situated on the third floor, he asked to have the bed changed, and the chambermaid, Miss Ella Olson recognized him, as she had lived in Webster for some years, and was well acquainted with the Egeland family which consists of the wife, two daughters and a son, all grown, and held in high esteem in the community.

About an hour after a sound was heard like a shot, but it was very faint. Soon after heard a sound of gurgling or heavy breathing was heard, and the proprietor, Mr. Hill, came up and tried to open the door of the room, but as it was fastened on the inside Mr. Hall, one of the guests climbed over the transom.

The man was found lying on the bed will {sp} a small revolver known as a 22 short, in his right hand, and bleeding profusely from a wound back of his right temple, and above his ear.

By papers found on his person it was learned that he was the county auditor of Day county, S. D., and a member in good standing of Webster Camp 1071 Modern Woodmen of America.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 1/27/1898

Narrow Escape

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