Consternation Reigned


"John" Soo Fow, proprietor of the Atlantic cafe is lying wounded at his home today as a result of an early morning shooting affray at his cafe Thursday.

A man giving his name as George Nichols, laborer, is held at the city jail under a charge of disorderly conduct. Authorities are waiting to find just how severe Fow's injuries are before bringing a more serious charge against him.

Nichols, considerably under the influence of liquor, was put out of the chop suey house earlier in the evening. He insisted on returning and bringing with him a stray dog he had found in the street.

Fow ordered him away from the door three times and the fourth time stepped outside to see that his ordered were obeyed.

Nichols fired two shots and with his revolver still drawn followed the fleeing Chinaman inside.

Two patrons in the place succeeded in pacifying the man and holding him in conversation till the arrival of Chief Fortune and Captain Downing when he was placed under arrest.

One of the bullets struck Fow in the foot, inflicting a painful though not a dangerous wound.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/17/1913

Chinese Tongs Extend Aid to Prosecution


Bismarck, N.D., Dec. 13.—Seven Chinese tongs in different cities of the Pacific coast have written States Attorney Berndt, warning him not to allow George Nichols, charged with assasult with a adangerous {sp} weapon, to plead guilty to a lesser offense and escape with a probationary sentence. Nichols is waiting trial for having shot Soo Fow, a Chinese restaurant man, with a revolver. Fow, a member of the seven tong clan, fears his assailant may be given his freedom and perhaps attack him again. He wired the native parlor of the tongs' clan in San Francisco and he has received reply that the tongs will spare no money or influence to avenge his injury.

Valley City Times-Record, 12/18/1913

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