Dumping Ground

First Grade

Dear Mother Goose:

What does "imagination" mean? The teacher says I've got it. Say! If it isn't some kind of sickness. I hope it is worth some money. I'd sell it and buy a real dog and a monkey.

The other day we told our dreams. The teacher said mine was the best. Did you ever have a dream like this? "I was riding on the roof of a house holding onto the chimney. I fell down the chimney and landed onto a man's cigarette. He gave a big puff and I blew up to a star. The star fell and I dropped on a door. The door banged and I was left outside." The teacher says we are mostly on the outside in our dreams, so this must have been a good one.

Please let me know what imagination is.

Your friend,

Richard Curry

P.S. How old is Santa Claus?


Turtle Mountain Star, "Mirror Broadcasts - Rolla Public School", 12/15/1932

Bowl Cut

Posted 12/24/2011