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Killed by Cars at Wilton

Wilton—A horrible accident occured Wednesday morning when Mose Chamberlain of Oakes, a Soo brakeman running out of Bismarck, fell in front of a moving car and was so badly cut to pieces that he lived only a few hours.

The mangled body was placed in the caboose and rushed to Bismarck on a special train, the crew making the run in thirty-seven minutes. The body was taken to one of the local hospitals, where he lived only for a few hours. He was conscious until a few moments befor ehe breathed his last.

The Almont Arena, 3-11-1911 (Source)

Wilton to Bismarck is about 25 miles, so the hospital run was done at 40mph, probably as fast as safely possible on those tracks. —Ed.

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Posted 10/10/2012