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Fargo, N. D., Nov. 27—To prevent a renewed outbreak of the influenza epidemic, Dr. Paul Sorkness, city health officer, today prohibited theatres from playing to more than 50 per cent of their capacity. The purpose of the order is to spread the audiences out so far as possible and prevent contagion, said Dr. Sorkness. The theatre order follows one issued last night, prohibiting public dances.

"Theer {sp} is no cause for alarm," said Dr. Sorkness. "New cases are developing at the rate of ten and twelve a day as compared with six and seven new cases daily at the time the ban was lifted. The number of new deaths, however, is very lifht {sp}, and there need be no occasion for fear if ordinary precautions are taken."

Bismarck Tribune, 11/27/1918

Snow Piles

Posted 12/26/2015