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Is Claim of Northwood Woman Adjudged Insane by County Board.

Claiming that she had been hypnotized in St. Paul by a woman, who exercised a baleful influence over her life, Mrs. Mary Taylor Brown, formerly of Northwood, today underwent an examination at the hands of the county insanity board.

The board decided that she was insane, and she will be taken tonight to Jamestown, and placed in the state insane asylum.

She told the insanity board today that she had been employed while in St. Paul recently, by a woman who had hypnotic powers. This woman had, she declared, hypnotized her, and had tried to force her to do all manner of terrible things. So far, however, she said that she had so far succeeded in resisting the evil influence.

Mrs. Brown was turned over to the local board by the authorities by the Hennepin county insanity board, she having been found insane while in Minneapolis.

She had lived in Northwood for many years. Two years ago she was brought before the county board, but was at that time adjudged sane. Since then she has spent a large amount of time in the Twin Cities.

She is not thought to be dangerous, although it is known that for some time she carried a bottle of carbolic acid around with her, and from that fact it was feared that she might be contemplating suicide.

The unfortunate woman was brought to this city this morning from Minneapolis in charge of a nurse from Rochester, Minn., insane asylum.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, 9/18/1914

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