Badly Crushed

Firemen Are Endangered By City Autoists

Narrowly Escaped Being Hit While Responding To Fire Alarm

The most thoughtless persons in Bismarck have been discovered by Robert Jager, chief of the fire department.

They are persons who endanger the life of firemen for the little excitement of responding to a fire call.

"People will hear the alarm and start out to the fire in their automobiles," he said today. "They will run along side, behind and in front of the horse wagon, without the least consideration of the dangers they attend.

"When the boys on the wagon leap off to attach hose to a hydrant they do not have the time to look around and dodge automobiles. The other day one of the firemen was almost hit by an automobile driving up along side of the fire wagon when he jumped off to attach the hose."

Chief Jager reported the matter to the city commission in its meeting last night. Unless the practice is stopped arrest will follow.

Bismarck Tribune, 1-25-1921

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