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Attempted Murder of F. Miksche.

Sunday evening John Broderick attempted to murder Frank Miksche in the latter's saloon. Four or five years ago Cable, the horseman, hired Broderick as swipe to accompany the former on a racing tour, having several horses, among which was Maud B, belonging to Frank. When they were ready to start Broderick said to Frank that he had no money and that Cable had none to spare and that he did not see how he (Broderick) could go. Frank handed Broderick $5 with the remark that he (Broderick) was working for Cable and to look to Cable for his pay but that he would make him a present of $5 to start him. Cable and Broderick finally returned, broke, and from time to time Broderick has asked Frank for his wages and was told as on the start that he, Broderick, worked for Cable and that he must look to him for pay. Sunday evening Broderick asked "Waxy" Mathews and another man in to Frank's place to have a bottle of beer. The three went in drank some beer {sp}, during which time Broderick asked for Frank—said he wanted to treat him too. Mathews and friend finishing their beer stepped out upon the sidewalk and heard a pistol shot inside. Immediately Broderick came out to where they were and said to "Waxy": "I done it." "Waxy" said "you did what?" "Got even with Miksche." Mr. Mathews went in to help care for Frank and a policeman took Broderick to jail.

About the time Mr. Mathews and a friend turned to go out of the saloon, Broderick called Frank from the restaurant part, and Frank has barely gotten up to Broderick when the latter spoke about his claim and before Frank had a chance to say more than a word of which Broderick well knew the import, latter leveled his gun and shot frank. Witnesses say that Frank did not strike Broderick, did not even make a demonstration of that sort, in fact had barely gotten up to Broderick when he was shot.

Frank is in the hospital. The bullet passed through the left lung, missed the heart about two two inches and lodged near the spine, having been located by the aid of an X-Ray. No one can yet tell whether the wound will prove fatal. One point in Frank's favor, however, is that he has not drank liquor of any sort for more than four months.

The Wahpeton Times, 7/5/1900


Posted 07/10/2015