Ambrose, March 22.—Michael Tachney, an employe {sp} in a livery barn in Ambrose was shot by Chief of Police Vig of that city when caught leaving a coal shed in which fuel belonging to the city of Ambrose was stored.

Chief Vig as {sp} sleeping quarters in the fire hall, and it is reported that for some time the coal owned by the city was disappearing altogether too fast. The chief heard some one in the coal shed, which adjoins the building in which he was sleeping. Vig immediately arose and went to the shed, and discovered a party leaving the building through a small door of the coal bin. He ordered the intruder to halt, but the party who had been helping himself to the city's coal kept on going and was part way out of the door when Chief Vig shot at him. The bullet passed through the building, the fleeing man being astraddle the partition, and entered his leg which was outside. The chief then easily made the capture, and it proved to be Mike Tackney, an employe {sp} in a livery barn just east of the Ambrose city hall. The prisoner is recovering in a Crosby hospital and will have a trial at Minot.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 3/22/1912

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