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Mr. Tauss, of Wahpeton, suspected a Mr. Beacham of being unduly intimate with Mrs. Tauss, and after attempting to kill him filed a petition for divorce. Beacham has left town.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 4/1/1886


Man Near Richardton Arrested for the Killing of His Son.

There was excitement at Richardton the first of the week when it was noised around that John Brown had been suspected of killing his twelve-year-old son.

It seems that the boy was killed on Saturday, and that the father went to Richardton, where he procured a rough board box and had the son buried on Sunday.

The father tells that he does not know how the boy was killed. He left him to open a gate near the house to let some horses in or out, and on returning to the place found John dead.

The neighbors tell a different story. They say that the father became enraged at the son for some reason and pounced upon him with the intent to beat him, and there killed him. They say that when the fight began the mother and other children went into hiding, where they remained for a long time. On the witness stand at Richardton the mother said that she was away and did not know anything about the matter. The children, however, testified that the enraged father killed John and threatened to treat them in the same manner if they told.

The exhumed body showed a bruise on one wrist and that the neck was broken. There was also a bad rupture in the vicinity of the abdomen.

The coroner's verdict was that the young man came to his death at the hands of his father, by felonious means.

The coroner issued a warrant for John Brown's arrest and he was placed in jail to await a hearing.

Wahpeton Times, 5/27/1904

Boys Ransack Church.

A number of boys broke into the Scandinavian-Baptist church by the rear door and scattered the church property around. It was thought, when evidence of the breaking in was discovered, that theft must have been the object, but an examination showed that none of the church property was missing.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/8/1913

Mrs. George O'Lary, near Minot, was attacked by a steer and knocked down. She had sufficient presence of mind to remain still and the brute walked away. When he was a safe distance she made a run for the house and just got inside when the animal reached the door in another effort to gore her.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/4/1901

Mysterious Death of a Boy.

Larimore, N. D., May 7.—The ten-year-old son of Mike Shapperle, a well-to-do farmer, died suddenly. The boy was out shooting gophers. He returned home, ate dinner, and in a short time expired. It is presumed the boy ate some poisonous weed, dying from the effect.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/7/1903

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