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Cando—After having deserted her husband some time ago Mrs. Ed Crume motored into town and attempted to spirit away her three-year-old daughter. She was intercepted by Mr. Crume.

Sioux County Pioneer, 1/6/1921

Blaze on New Year's Eve

Early on New Year's Eve a fire alarm was turned in about eight o'clock from the residence of Manager Miller of the Cavalier Co. Lumber Co., where the explosion of a gasoline stove left the kitchin {sp} badly scorched and much in evidence of what had happened. A second call phoned in notified the department that the fire had been put out and that its services would not be needed. As the home is up on the hill in the Dorval addition the boys were saved a long cold run through the snow from the fire hall to the Miller home. There were some, however, who would have liked to have seen the power from the new water works plant in action and put to the test.

Langdon Courier Democrat, 1/2/1919

Velva—a 400-pound chunk of coal crushed Ankor Larson to death in the local coal mine.

Cavalier County Farmers Press, 12/2/1920


Ends Own Life After Leaving Notes, Saying He Was a Prisoner and Insane.

Williston, No. Dak.—Mrs. A. M. Hart, wife of a farmer, and her two sons, aged 9 and 13, were beaten to death with an iron bar in the hands of Guy Hall, a former convict.

Hall afterwards committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver.

The crime was discovered when the slayer took Mrs. Hart's two daughters to a neighbor's house after keeping them in the room with their murdered mother all night.

It was then that Hall ended his own life.

The murderer left two notes, one saying that he was an escaped prisoner of the Washington state reformatory. The other said: "Please forgive me for I am insane."

Sioux County Pioneer, 1/7/1916

Three Injured in Explosion.

While one of the miners in the Pioneer coal mine near Williston was trying to dry some blasting powder there was an explosion and three men almost lost their lives. One had one of his arms burned off and the flesh on his face badly burned. The others were also badly burned but are expected to recover.

Langdon Courier Democrat, 11/24/1904

A sensation has been created at Harold{sp} by a land agent named Bell assaulting Frank Haddock, who was with his aunt seeking a retraction from Bell of alleged slanderous statements of the latter regarding Miss Haddock, sister of Frank. Bell is charged with boasting of favors received from Miss Haddock, and with having given further semblance of truth to his boasts by having dressed in woman's garb, and in that guise entered his own office at night, causing people to believe that Miss Haddock was his visitor. Bell claims it is a case of blackmail.

Cooperstown Courier, 1/4/1884

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