Ole Oxted, who recently returned from Canada, attempted to kill himself in the presence of his father and mother by slashing his throat with a razor at Palermo. Too much booze.

Ward County Independent, 12/19/1912


John Tippon, who mysteriously disappeared from Sherwood some time ago has been located at Argusville, Minn., and the information states that he is in a hospital in that town but does not state how he came to be there.

Ward County Independent, 11/26/1908

Youth Breaks Jail.

McClusky.—Charged with threatening to shoot his father, John Fandrich was held in the local jail here for two weeks until he made his getaway. He left his coat and it is thought he did not go a great distance because of the cold weather unless he was able to secure another outfit. He is 17 years old and because of his acts his father sought to have him sent to the state reform school.

Sioux County Pioneer, 1/1/1915

Sister "Doctored" Baby; Infant Is Now Dead

Abercrombie, N. D., Dec 31.—One of the saddest tragedies that has occurred in this district was the death of the five months old child of Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Cooper of Abercrombie.

The child was poisoned by her three-year-old sister, playing "doctor," the elder child pouring a quantity of wood alcohol on the baby's face and down its throat. Death occurred within a few hours.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/31/1918

Dodge—Gottfried Issak, farmer, has a Plymouth Rock hen that has developed the speed mania. Recently, in driving, Issak heard an unusual noise apparently coming from the engine. He investigated and found the hen perched on the front axle where she had ridden for eight miles. He put the hen in the car. Four days later he again drove to town. Upon driving into a garage the proprietor asked him what he was doing with the chicken. Biddie had ridden the 12 miles from the farm to Dodge on the front axle. But this time she had kept quiet, and her ride was undisturbed.

Sioux County Pioneer, 12/22/1921

Some time ago Mr. S. E. Coover, while working in the Brindle mine, drove the point of a pick through his right hand. When it was nearly healed he went back to work. He caught cold in the injured member, and now he is confined to his bed, with the hand swelled to double its natural size. Mrs. Coover and the children are also sick.

Emmons County Record, 1/10/1890


Mrs. Mildred Lau of this city was pronounced insane by the local board of insanity the latter part of the week and has been taken to the asylum at Jamestown, where she will receive treatment. Mrs. Lau was formerly a vaudeville actress, and during the past week created a scene at the New York store by trying to put on a stunt in the way of dancing with some of the gentlemen clerks. She was taken in charge with the above results. Indications are that the woman has been a dope fiend, and possibly a course of treatment in Jamestown will restore her to her normal condition.

Devils Lake World and Inter-Ocean, 1/20/1916


Husband of Woman Sent to Insane Asylum had no Idea She was "Dope" Fiend.

Devils Lake, N. D., Jan. 18.—The statements by Mrs. Mildred Lau, before she was taken to the state insane asylum, that "dope" was to blame for the condition of her mind, promise sensational developments. To her husband, who up to the time she was committed to the state asylum, had no intimation that his wife was a "dope" fiend, she disclosed where she had purchased the drugs in this city.

Grand Forks Herald, 1/18/1916


Charles Hanson of Stetson lost seventeen head of cattle by their getting frightened at a sheep the like of which they had never seen before and stampeding.

Griggs County Courier, 1/9/1885