Portal, N. D., Feb. 18.—Mrs. Andrew Johnston was drowned in the soft water tank at her home here. Her husband, after calling several times and receiving no answer discovered that she was in the cistern underneath the kitchen. By the time she could be taken out, life was extinct.

Ward County Independent, 2/23/1911

A Mandan woman bought a pound package of coffee and had it charged. She then sold the coffee for ten cents to pay her admission to the roller rink.

The Dickinson Press, 2/28/1885


Says Woman's Life Threatened So He Braved Bitter Night.

Clad only in a single undergarment and in a temperature of 20 degrees below zero Andreas Lokken, twenty-two years old, fled from the farmhouse of Olaf Gutto near Bottineau to the home of neighbors to inform them that he had heard Gutto threaten to kill Mrs. Gutto while the man and his wife were quarreling.

Lokken's legs were frosted and his feet were so seriously frozen that they must be amputated.

Mrs. Gutto also ran from the house. Her only clothing a night gown she went a half mile for shelter. {sp}

Lokken says he was awakened by the voices of the quarreling couple and upon hearing threats of murder he leaped from his bedroom window into the snow and ran for help to protect the farmer's wife.

Gutto was arrested.

Oakes Times, 2/5/1914

Death of Mrs. Hackett.

Edmund Hackett, husband of the unfortunate woman who attempted suicide at Minnewaukan some time ago, arrived in the city Saturday evening last and stated that Mrs. Hackett died on the Thursday previous. Death was the result of inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling cold air through the self-inflicted wound in the throat, the wound refusing to heal. Deceased was formerly on the stage, her stage name being Frankie Sydney. Her parents reside in New York. The little child is in good hands in Minnewaukan.

Devil's Lake Inter-Ocean, 2/14/1885


Orville Johnson Sustains Injury to His Left Eye While Playing With Boy Friends.

While playing with his little companion at noon today, Orville Johnson, son of Mrs. Freda Johnson, dressmaker, residing on South Fourth street, was struck in the eye with a shot from an air gun.

The boys were playing in the yard and through accident or carelessness, a shot from the air gun struck the boy in the left eye.

He was immediately taken to the office of a local specialist where the wound was given attention. The boy is suffering severe pain and will be confined to his home for some time. It is not expected that he will lose the sight of the eye.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, 2/26/1915


Mandan Hospital Nurses Still Carrying {sp} for Motherless Infant.

Mandan, N. D., Feb. 18.—Although a few inquiries have been made, there has been as yet no offer made to give a home to the infant son of Mrs. J. G. Symanski, who died at the Mandan hospital a short time ago.

The baby is a very healthy child and has won the hearts of the hospital employes. The father, who is a minister of the gospel at Glen Ullin, feels that he is not capable of rearing the child, and would like to find a home for it.

Grand Forks Evening Time, 2/18/1913


It is reported that John Chasingbear shot a horse accidently the first of the week while hunting rabbits.

Sioux County Pioneer, 1/1/1915

An aged Scandinavian lady named Aume Grimsend fell down stairs at the Victoria hotel, Fargo. She died a short time after. She was about eighty years old.

Cooperstown Courier, 2/15/1884

Workman Badly Crushed.

Oluf Mohn, a coal heaver, was caught between a coal shed and a car that jumped the track at Grafton. Both arms were broken and part of his noes {sp} and cheek and one eye taken off. He was bruised all over the breast and is likely to die. One arm and hand were crushed nearly to pulp.

Oakes Times, 2/1/1906