John Joyce, a brakeman on the west end of this division of the Northern Pacific, while attempting to climb from a flat car to the top of a box car, near Medora, last Tuesday, slipped and fell to the ground sustaining a sprained ankle and injured knee. At the time of the accident the train was moving at the rate of about twenty miles an hour and it is a wonder that he was not killed. He went to the Brainerd hospital. Wednesday evening and will remain there until able for duty.

The Dickinson Press, 2/23/1889

Ride Ice Cake Down River Flood

East Grand Forks, Minn., April 17.—William McDuff and Elmer Howe accepted a dare to stand on an ice cake beneath the bridge spanning the Red Lake River here. Their weight dislodged a portion of the ice and it carried them down stream into the Red river. The two floated down the river for over a mile. Their ice cake struck the piling of a railway bridge and with the assistance of friends who had pursued them in an automobile they were pulled up on to the planking.

Sioux County Pioneer, 4/21/1916


A sad accident happened in town of Garden, 12 miles from Fertile, last Sunday. Arnold Sparby, an eleven year old boy, was shot and instantly killed by Albert Singerd, aged 16 years. The two boys went to the home of a neighbor to visit and found none at home. They entered the house and going up stairs they found a gun which they fooled around with until young Sigerd accidentally pulled the trigger and killed his companion instantly. Moral: Never play with a gun. It may be loaded.

Warren (MN) Sheaf, 5/2/1907


Albert Singerd, Aged 16, Kills Arnold Sparby, Aged 11, Sunday Afternoon.


Both Lived Near Crookston and Coroner Chesterman Is Now Investigating.

Crookston, Minn., April 29.—Arnold Sparby, aged 11 years, was shot and instantly killed Sunday afternoon by Albert Singerd, aged 16 years. The boys were in the loft of a barn in Garden township, when they found an old gun. Singerd pointed the gun at Sparby's head, pulling the trigger, not knowing that the gun was loaded. The charge almost tore the unfortunate boy's head from his body. After the shooting, Singerd ran down stairs, shouting "I shot him." He was not seen again until this morning, having hid out of doors all night. Coroner Chesterman will go to Garden this evening to investigate the affair.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 4/29/1907


North Dakota Woman Has Some She Would Dispose Of.
Minneapolis, Minn., April 27.—Mrs. Harry L. Eldridge of Sanborn, N. D., writes to Mayor James C. Haynes that she has eight baby wolves which she would like to sell to the park board. She says that she herself killed the mother wolf last Saturday and has the babies safely kenneled. They mayor referred the matter to Superintendent Theodore Wirth of the park board, but Mr. Wirth says the park board has no use for the wolves.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 4/27/1910


Ray Man Dies from Injuries Received When Kicked by Animal.

Ray, N. D., March 30.—Louis Whitrock, residing east of Ray, died from the effects of being kicked by a colt.

Mr. Whitrock was in town to get some medicine for his wife and while taking the harness off the colt it suddenly kicked with both feet, hitting Mr. Whitrock in the stomach. The deceased leaves a wife and four small children, the oldest being seven years and the youngest an infant of ten days. It was an awful shock to the community for Mr. Whitrock was well known and liked in the neighborhood. He came from Mankato, Minn., ten years ago and filed on a homestead two and one-half miles east of Ray and has been farming ever since. The remains will probably be shipped to Mankato, Minn., where his parents live.

Grand Forks Herald, 3/30/1914

Will Answer Charge of Maintaining a Nuisance


Saturday Chief of Police Swanson arrested Henry Waringsasen who has been living in a shack on the east side on a charge of maintaining a common nuisance. The prisoner was taken before Judge Zabel but waived a hearing and was bound over to district court. The arrest was made be cause it was alleged that the place was a gathering point for drinking and carousing. The Valley City police department is doing some good work in ridding the city of places that are more or less undesirable and keeping the town clean and wholesome.

Valley City Times-Record, 4/10/1913


A Strong Story.

A farmer from Hebron says that during the Thanksgiving day blizzard he missed three sheep. The other day he found them under a huge snow drift. Two were dead and one alive. The live one had eaten the grass all around for several feet, had eaten the wool off the backs of its dead companions, and was fairly frisky. Its breath had worn a chimney through the top of the drift, down which it got all the air it needed.

Griggs County Courier, 4/16/1897

Found Ministers Body

Wahpeton, N. D., April 20.—The body of Rev. Edmands of this city was found in the Red river last night five miles north of this city. The discovery was made by two fishermen, who were spearing fish by torch light. The remains were in shallow water and the overcoat was on the body, which had been very little decomposed.

Rev. Edmands disappeared last December. He was in the habit of walking on the ice on the river and it is thought he fell through an air hole in the river. His cap was found by the side of an air hole. At the time of his disappearance there were some rumors of suicide but these were discredited and the finding of the body with the overcoat on is regarded as corroborative evidence of the accidental death theory.

A reward of $200 was offered by the citizens of Wahpeton, and this will go to the two men who found the body.

The remains will be shipped tomorrow to Mrs. Edmands, now a resident of Island Pond, Vt.

Memorial service will be held here Sunday, April 29.

Williston Graphic, 4/26/1906

Ephraim Bonner of Frederick was arrested for kidnapping Elizabeth Brisle, on complaint of her father. Two years ago Bonner brought a fourteen-year-old girl with his family to Dakota, claiming that he first verbally adopted her, the girl's parents consenting. The father repudiates the alleged adoption, and claims his daughter. The father is from Rockwell, Iowa, Bonner's former home, and has been at Frederick two weeks searching for his child.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 4/3/1884