Fell From The Load


We Have to Note, 'Tis but a Week Since
Last We Wrote of Loss of Life and
Damaged Train, this Time
the Last We Have

Another Serious Accident

Tenth siding, three miles west of Eldridge was the scene of quite an accident to a Northern Pacific freight train on Sunday last. The train was running only about fifteen miles an hour but the track slid or spread and threw ten cars into the ditch. There were several passengers in the caboose, three of whom were severely injured. Their names are Addison J. Smith, J. Robinson and Frank Kelly. Mr. Smiths injuries were very serious he having jumped from the train when the accident occurred and struck the side of his head on a tie and besides was injured internally. Conductor Tuttle in charge of the train also got a benefit, his head came in contact with a stove that was trying to make its way out of the window. He came near getting his eye knocked out but escaped with bad scalp wounds.He immediately ran back to flag a train that was following and succeeded in stopping it about forty rods away from the wreck. But for his prompt action a much greater loss of property and most likely considerable loss of life would have occurred. The wounded were brought to Jamestown and attended at the Dakota House by Doctors Baldwin and Drake. Mr. Smith is from Missouri and was traveling on a pass from Montana. He had been here but a few days ago and purchased the McKenzie house and lot intending to bring his family here at once. Mr. Kelly was in charge of a lot of stock for our contractors, Messrs. Lambert and Bill. Mr. Robinson was just returning from Montana. They are being well cared for at the Dakota House and were reported a little better last evening. Supt. Hobart was here at the time of the accident but proceeded at once to the spot and took prompt measures to relieve the sufferers and clear the track.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 4/21/1882

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