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Larson Will Held Valid In High Court

Decisions Of County And District Court Of Burleigh County Is Upheld

A will bequeathing an estate in northern Burleigh county value [sic] at about $15,000 to Annetta Erickson, a friend of Peter Larson, deceased hermit, was declared valid by the supreme court here. The will, written in the Swedish language, was in pen and ink on ordinary scrap paper and was written January 29 1900, 20 years before Larson's death.

Larson was found dead in his home, his body partly devoured by the large number of cats he always kept.

The special administrator, Oscar Backman, contested the will on the ground of fraud and undue influence and that it was not the will of the deceased. The Swedish consul interested himself in behalf of the residents of Sweden who would be heirs of Larson.

The court affirmed decisions of the District Judge Duessle and County Judge I.C. Davies. Judge Robinson dissented, holding the will, "is manifest forgery."

12/9/1922 Bismarck Tribune

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