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Successful in Real estate Deals She Made Good Money by Own Work.


Husband, Former Hoople Man, Cannot Survive His Injuries.

Mrs. Minnie Parkins, formerly Miss Minnie Almen of Grafton, who was yesterday murdered by her husband, E. G. Parkins, formerly of Hoople, had a fortune of $15,000 which she had made herself through real estate deals. That fact was brought to light today in the investigations being conducted by Winnipeg police.

An ex-ray inspection of the wounds received by Parkins, self-inflicted, made today resulted in the announcement that he could not live. One of the bullets entered his mouth and another went through his neck.

A Winnipeg dispatch received by The Times today follows:

It developed today that a man named Pollock of Moose Jaw, whom Mrs. Parkins met at a dance here, is mixed up in the affair.

Mrs. Parkins is considered a remarkably bright woman and was very successful in selling real estate. She owned a farm and had brought many real estate deals to a successful conclusion. She made many friends by her pleasant manner and possessed a fortune of $15,000, all of which she made herself.

When officers from the police headquarters arrived and took charge of the place, after placing Parkins under arrest, one detective got in communication with Mrs. Parkins' parents at Grafton over long distance telephone. One of the dead woman's sisters answered the phone. Miss Hildegard Almen, a younger sister, who has been visiting the Parkins home for some time and was present when the tragedy occurred, upon being told that the detective was in communication with the parental house, asked to be put on the line. The receiver was handed to her and she informer her sister at Grafton that it was necessary for her father and mother to come to Winnipeg at once. From the one-sided conversation at the Winnipeg end of the line it was evident her sister imagined what the trouble was. Miss Almen is said to have replied to the effect that something serious had happened, but she would not disclose the cause for alarm. Twice more it was said, she was told to "never mind what was wrong, but to have her father and mother start tonight for Winnipeg."

Grand Forks Evening Times, 2/18/1913

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