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C. H. and Joseph Burtts Alleged to Have Brought Women Here for Prostitution

Bound over on the evidence of a wife and a sister-in-law to the effect that they were induced to come here by Joseph Burtts aand his brother C. H. Burtts, to enter a life of prostitution, the two Burtts are held in the Burleigh county jail awaiting trial in district court on a charge of accepting the proceeds from prostitution.

The hearing in Justice Bleckreid's court yesterday followed a raid made Tuesday evening by State's Attorney McCurdy and Chief of Police Martitette, two makes and two females, and Julia Adams, employed as a domestic in the Burtts domicile on 17th street.

Women Testify

Yesterday afternoon the Mesdames Burtts, former residents of Bismarck, told how they were induced to come here from Minnesota to take up a life on the streets; alleged that their earnings were regularly turned over to Joseph and Hughie Burtts, and that the latter had partly completed the shack in which the precious family was living in the east part of town, and to which the finishing touches were being added from the earnings of the women. Negotiations leading up to the present enterprise, the Burtts women testified, had been under way for two years.

When the state's attorney and chief of police first appeared at the Burtts home, only Julia Adams was there. She did not recognize the visitors as officers of the law, and accosted them after a fashion of the trade. A moment later she was [in] the city bastille. The officers then returned to the {illegible} enjoying an unsought joyride to returned to the Burtts home, which was in darkness, and through some good sleuthing captured the other offenders.

Bismarck Tribune, 8-2-1917

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