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Death of Johnny Humbert—Shot Accidentally by a Son of General Carlin.

Gen. Carlin and family arrived from the east Monday evening, and in Company with the Misses Jennings and Seidmore, left for Standing Rock Tuesday morning. While stopping a few moments at Fort Lincoln, a little son of Gen. Carlin picked up a carbine and commenced playing with it. Some one suggested taking it away from him, but it was remarked that it was not loaded and he would not harm it. About this time the gun was discharged, the ball entering the neck of little Johnny Humbert, oldest child of Capt. James Humbert, severing the jugular vein. Of course he lived but a moment. We will not attempt to picture the distress of the parents of the two children, or the gloom that accident cast over the post at Fort Lincoln. The General's party had intended to remain a day at Ft. Lincoln, but they could not do so, and pursued their journey in sadness.

Bismarck Tri-Weekly Tribune, 7/25/1877

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