Crazed by Grief

Warm Reception to Uninvited Guest

Frank Carter, a farmer living north of the city, was in town Friday looking for farm laborers. In the evening a laborer hired out to him and told him he could get others who were camping near the water tank west of town. The two drove out there, and coming to a bunch of fellows who were indulging in the amber fluid that made Milwaukee famous, the two dismounted and began to help themselves. The gentleman who was acting as host to the reception party took umbrage at the liberty assumed by the uninvited guests and proceeded to "maul the tar" out of Carter, which he succeeded in doing with neatness and dispatch. When the row began, the team took fright and ran away, but was caught by John VanLiew and tied to a telegraph pole. Carter was brought to town pretty badly used up, and the reported was soon current that he had been held up by road agents, badly mauled and his team stolen. Officer McBeth went out and heard the story of the men whose pleasure Carter had interrupted, and going on a little farther found the team and brought it to town. No arrests were made.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 9/14/1906

Boiler Explosions

Posted 09/12/2017