Ugliest Girl

A young Hungarian by the name of Anton Weisman was found dead on the north fork of Cedar creek Jan. 14. The young man was a sheep herder and had been working for Martin Siem for two years and nine months. He went out with the sheep that morning but when evening came the sheep came home without their shepherd boy. One of the boys suspecting that all was not right went out to look for the rest of the sheep and found the young man dead, with a winchester lying in his left hand. The bullet went in his mouth and blew out two of his teeth. The rest of his teeth and his lips were powder burnt, the bullet coming out through the top of his head. The coroner's jury laid the cause to accidental shooting. The deceased was 24 years old and single. His parents live in the old country. An uncles of the deceased took charge of the body.—Medora Herald.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 1/31/1907

It Couldn't See

Posted 01/26/2017