Drowned In A Tub


Officers arrested a stranger at Bismarck suspected of being Lloyd Scott, wanted for murder of Mabel Herdman in the Black Hills. The man rode into town and noticed first by Thomas Fortune, at whose barn he slept all night. He refuses to talk and is being held in the county jail awaiting fuller identification from officers at Deadwood. There is a reward of several hundred dollars for Scott.

The Hope Pioneer, 11/1/1900

Clue to the Murderer.

Sheriff Plunkett is expecting two photographs this morning of men held for identification as Lloyd Scott, supposed to be the murderer of Mrs. Mabel Herdman. One is at Bismarck, N. D., and the other is at Sandstone, Minnesota. The authorities at Bismarck think they have the right man without any doubt.

A letter was received yesterday by the sheriff from David Oyler, of Woodward, Iowa, asking: "What is the amount of the reward offered for the murderer of Mrs. Mabel Herdman at Garden City, September 30, and is there any evidence pointing to the guilt of Ralph Lloyd Scott, as I see by a newspaper that he is wanted for the same." Woodward is the home of Lloyd Scott and of his father, but Mr. Oyler says nothing about why he wants this information. The reward now is $350, $250 offered by the county, $50 by Sheriff Plunkett, and $50 by Mr. Herdman.

The (Deadwood) Weekly Pioneer-Times, 11/1/1900

Powder Burnt

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