Tails Became Afire


Night Clerk of the Dakotah Hotel Sand Bagged and Register Looted—Carl Ferber has an Encounter With bold Highwayman and Gets his Revolver.

The highwaymen are getting bolder and bolder in Minot, a bold holdup being nothing uncommon.

Carl Ferber, the peanut man, was counting his money after a good day's business Saturday night, when a short dark complexioned fellow with a drawn 32 calibre revolver, reached over and demanded the money. Carl was quick and grabbing the fellow's wrist, turned it backwards until he was compelled to drop the gun on the floor and escaped. Mr. Ferber has the gun, a bull dog, a wicked looking fire arm.

At 2 o'clock the following morning, the Dakotah hotel was robbed of $24. Two dare devils, one supposed to be the same who made the unsuccessful attempt to rob Ferber, sand bagged the night clerk of the Dakotah hotel, while everyone was out of the office and took all the money that was in the cash register. H. E. Brown who was sitting in the office, was told by one of the men that he was wanted at once in the Great Northern Depot. He left at once and the men got in their work. The night clerk was not badly injured. Neither of the men have been apprehended by the police.

Carl Ferber states that the man who held him up Saturday was about 40 years old, a short heavy set man. Carl faced a good deal of danger in wrestling the gun from the man's grasp, but says he did it before he thot {sp}. It will be lucky for the highwaymen if someone of the gang does not get a dose of lead.

Ward County Independent, 7/20/1904

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