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Animal Paws Child With Feet and Uses Teeth With Effect.

Grand Forks, N. D., Oct. 2.—Louis, the 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Hellar of 825 First avenue south, was seriously if not fatally injured at a late hour yesterday afternoon by being bitten and trampled upon by a horse, belonging to Charles Ginsberg, a local junk dealer. The child, according to the story of his father, had been riding with his older brother upon a bicycle and had just been let down by the brother and was about to run to his father.

The horse, which Mr. Hellar claims is a vicious animal, grabbed the baby with his teeth and threw him under his front feet and trampled upon him inflicting several cuts and bruises and stepping on the child's abdomen. While the condition of the boy cannot be determined at this time because of the administration of chloroform by the attending physicians to relieve his intent suffering, it is believed the baby will recover, unless internal injuries develop.

The horse had been left standing in front of the Hellar residence by Mr. Ginsberg, who lives at 418 Oak street and was making a business trip about the city, buying junk.

Mr. Hellar is a tinner at one of the local shops and has made his home in Grand Forks for several years.

Bowbells Tribune, 10/3/1913


Posted 12/06/2017