Runaway Youths

The Glasgow Record says that an old Indian named Tobacco Eater was shot and killed at Culbertson last week by Frank Cusker, who was assisting an officer sent from Fort Peck to return the Indian's son to the Fort Peck school. Tobacco Eater attempted to kill the officer, when Cusker shot him.

Williston Graphic, 3/20/1896

An old Indian known as Tobacco Eater was shot and killed at Culbertson Friday by Frank Cusker. It appears the Indian had a son attending Fort Peck School against his will. He wanted the boy at home and sent for him. The boy ran away from school and the agency authorities sent Frank Cusker and R. Renz to the old man's place near Culbertson, with orders to bring the boy back to the agency. On applying at the old Indian's cabin for the truant, the old Indian drew a gun and threatened to kill the officers if they attempted to take the boy away. He was finally disarmed, but immediately afterwards secured a large butcher knife and made a desperate attack upon Renz. Cusker feared the Indian would kill Renz, and drawing his revolver, fired. Cusker was given a hearing before Justice Bauer, at which county attorney Evans and Sheriff Willis were present. The justice deemed the case justifiable and Cusker was dismissed. The boy was taken back to the reservation.

Glascow Record, March 1896


Posted 04/07/2015