The particulars of Mr. Fraser's experience on the Missouri river last Friday are given in the Mandan Pioneer as follows:

"Late on Friday afternoon a two-horse team belonging to Murry Fraser left the Bismarck side of the Missouri for Stanton, following the river. The team was a heavy one, being loaded with lumber, and was traveling in the regular road on the ice which Stanton people have followed during the winter. When the driver reached a point on the river nearly opposite of the farm of Elijah Boley near Rock Haven, the horses broke through without warning, pulling with them the front wheels of the wagon, leaving the remainder of the wagon with the lumber standing on the ice. The driver did all in his power to save the team, but all to no avail, they were lost, together with the harness and trappings. They were a pair of valuable animals, being worth $600 and two of the finest owned by Mr. Fraser. The unusual warm weather has undoubtedly weakened the ice on the river, but previous to this year travel has been common up the river until the latter part of March."

Bismarck Tribune, 3/7/1884

Broken Arm

Posted 03/03/2014