Despondency Over Closing of Bank Led to Suicide

Larimore, N.D., Nov 28—No inquest is necessary in connection with the suicide of P. L. Armes, president of the closed Elk Valley Bank of Larimore, who shot himself late Tuesday, county authorities said today. Mr. Armes left left a note telling of his intention to end his life and giving directions for settlement of his affairs. Despondency over the closing of the Elk Valley Bank a week ago evidently caused his suicide but officials of the bank and a deputy state bank examiner joined today in declaring that his accounts were in perfect order and there were no irregularities in his administration of the bank's affairs.

Three shots were fired by the banker in an effort to end his own life. One wounded him slightly in the ear and another crashed through his brain. The first shot, apparently for the purpose of testing the revolver, was heard by his wife, who ran to the woodshed from whence the sound came and saw her husband lying on the floor. She immediately went to the telephone to call a doctor and while doing this heard two other shots which presumably were those which were fatal.

The Bismarck Tribune, 11/28/1923

Badly Hazed

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