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Some Unique Costumes at the Royal Neighbors Ball.

Notwithstanding the intense cold the masquerade ball given by the R. N. A. last Monday night was a grand success, and an enjoyable time was had by everyone. At an early hour the hall began to fill rapidly with maskers, and at 9:30 when the first straius {sp} of the grand march were wafted across the hall the floor was crowded. Many spectators were present also. The different characters were well represented by many beautiful costumes.

The gentleman's prize—a beautiful smoking set—was awarded to Mr. Wm. Hale, who so ably represented Uncle Sam, and the ladies' prize—an elegant china tea set—was presented to Miss Mae McCone, of Penn, who represented the Goddess of Liberty.

Masks were drawn about 11:30 and dancing continued until 4 o'clock, when all dispersed, leaving every assurance of having had a good time. The dance receipts netted the order about $50. The ladies extend a vote of thanks to Bert Duell for music furnished during the evening.

Among the noticeable characters were:

Mrs. W. H. Brown, night; Miss Fanning, night; Mrs. McKee, night; Miss Schoonberg, night; Mrs. Ferris, gypsy girl; Miss Susie Hale, Red Riding Hood; Mrs. Lewis, liberty; Miss McKone, liberty; Mrs. Rodenback, Topsy; Mrs. Kollar, queen of diamonds; Mrs. Greene, queen of hearts; Miss Gilday, negress, Miss Flummerfelt, music; Miss Rodenback, daughter of regiment, Mrs. Reid, flower girl; Miss Dolan, flower girl; Miss Cameron, flower girl; Miss Sparks, flower girl; Mrs. F. P. Mann, equestrienne; Mrs Connolly, phantom; Mrs. Burke, phantom; Miss Eva Jones, jockey girl; Mrs. Standon, aunt Ophelia; Mrs. Jones, old lady; Mrs. Carnathan and Mrs. Allen, two little girls in blue; Miss Connolly, school girl; Miss L Hale, school girl; Miss Vale, school girl; Miss Fordyce, good luck; Mrs. Cullum, sister red cross; J. H. Belyea, bicycle girl; A. R. Munson, court jester; Chas. Cogelow, George Washington; G. H. Rodenback, Dutchman; Wm. Hale, Uncle Sam; Gus Utech, king of spades; Ed C. Sels, king of clubs; Harry VanLiew, king of diamonds; Al Bond, little boy blue; Joe Forbert, negro dude; Jess Palmer, Indian; Chas. Thronson, Hobson, Gus Nelson, Indian; Chas. Smith, little boy blue; Herman Stenseth, Val Blatz; C. Nelson, Knight; Joe Raab, jockie {sp}; Joe Kelly, prisoner; Owen McKone, page; Mr. Gessner, jockey; Tom Gill, jockey; Wm. Cullom, clown; S. C. Jones, clown; Felix Routier, clown; J. E. Boone, clown; Dan Ferrell, sailor; W. H. Brown, negro.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 2/10/1899

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