Confessed Pyromaniac


Finley, N. D., April 5.—Citizens headed by Albert Sparrow, sheriff of Steele county, and Oscar Johnson, chief of police of Hope, are scouring the woods in the vicinity of the Sheyenne river near here today for John Nagel, 30, farm hand, who late Saturday night fired 8 or 10 shots at Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hendrickson, at their farm home, because they had objected to his intentions to their daughter, Miss Josie Hendrickson.

After threatening the lives of the couple several times during the winter Nagel is said to have gone to the Hendrickson home between 10 and 11 p.m. Saturday and after Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson retired, he began firing immediately. Two shots hit Hendrickson, one in the forearm and the other in the side, causing flesh wounds. Authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest. The complaint on which it was issued charges shooting with the intent to kill. Authorities believe Nagel is partially demented.

Hides in Small Room

Nagel is believed to have concealed himself at the farm home until Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson retired. From the bedroom window, he opened fire on the couple.

Hendrickson went into a small clothes closet to get a gun and to barricade himself and wife against Nagel. Nagel entered the house and placing his gun against the clothes closet door fired three times through the door.

When the two shots struck Hendrickson he was forced to give up his hold on the door. Hendrickson chased the assailant into the yard, during which time Nagel fired at him several times, but aim going amiss because of the darkness.

Nagel, according to authorities, started to cut telephone connections so that the Hendricksons could not spread the alarm. Mrs. Hendrickson saw him through a window. He turned and fired two shots at her.

Hunts For Sweetheart

After the shooting Nagel went to the rural church a mile distant from the Hendrickson place to find Miss Hendrickson.

He told the young people, gathered for a social evening, that Miss Hendrickson was wanted at home by her mother.

Fearing for her safety they informed Nagel that she was not at the church.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 4/7/1921

Inhuman Villain

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