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Clarence Jenson, son of John Jenson, was injured last Thursday afternoon when he fell in front of an auto. The car was driven by Mr. Dickenson and was near the post office at the time. The boys were coming from school and were running back and forth across the street. Several of them had crossed in front of the auto and this boy was one of them. After crossing in front to the east side he dodged back and when in front of the car stumbled. The car struck him but as it was going very slow he was not seriously injured. He was taken to a physicians office for examination however and then taken home.

Boys have a habit of running out in front of machines and then dodging back. It is possibly lots of fun and they never realize the danger until too late. They are all right until something happens as when this boy stumbled, then they are liable to be injured.

Williston Graphic, 9/23/1915

Blows Brains Out

Posted 04/29/2016