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New Salem Doctor Is Still at Large

Dr. Steven Fisher, New Salem doctor who is wanted on a charge of performing a criminal operation in Morton county, is still at large, State's Attorney Kelsch said today.

Dr. Fisher is charged with second degree murder as the result of the death of Mrs. Lawrence Burley, New Salem schoolteacher-wife, in Bismarck June 17.

Sherif Handtmann, who arrived in New Salem Wendesday with a warrant, found that Dr. Fisher had learned of the planned arrest the preceding day and had left.

Lawrence Burley, husband of the deceased, decided to place the murder charge against the New Salem doctor as a result of statements made to him by his wife while she lay near death in Bismarck, the state's attorney said.

Funeral services for the deceased were held Wednesday at New Salem.

The Bismarck Tribune, 6/22/1928

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