Gives Up Its Dead

Stabbing Affray.

Moorhead, Minn., July 20.— At 9 o'clock this morning a Swede named Carl Eklund stabbed a Norwegian named Ole Jacobson with a pocket knife, cutting him the mouth and again in the left breast just above the nipple. The stabbing took place in the town of Alliance, twenty miles south of Moorhead, on a farm. The two men are farm laborers and were plowing. Eklund, who is represented to be a small man, was in the lead and stopped to repair his plow. Jacobson came along and drove right onto Eklund's plow. Eklund became enraged and kicked one of the horses of Jacobson's team, when it is stated Jacobson struck Eklund in the face with his fist, whereupon Eklund said if Jacobson should strike him again he would cut him with a knife he was using in cutting leather to mend the plow. It is assumed Jacobson did strike him again when Eklund struck twice with the knife. The gash in the breast is two inches deep and penetrated the lung. The wounded man rode in a buggy all the way to Moorhead arriving before 1 p.m. covered with his blood. He was taken to the hospital, his wounds dressed and his ante-mortem statement taken by the coroner as the attending physicians have doubts of his recovery.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/21/1885

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