Whiskey Luck

A man of the name of J. A. Gebus, coming from Neillsville, Wis. and on his way to Portal, N.D., where he was to meet his brother, was run over and badly mangled by Soo train No. 105, which arrived in the city this evening at 9:15.

Gebus was standing on the Soo platform in this city when the train approached. Piled up in front of him were bundles and bales of all sizes and pushing past him were people hurrying to the ticket office.

The light seemed to blind Gebus, or a slight shove overcame his balance, for with but a clutch at the empty air he fell across the tracks not eighteen feet from the incoming train.

Two bystanders jumped to his rescue and at the risk of their own lives attempted to pul him up from the rails.

Their efforts however, were awarded by but a movement of the body, turning it so that the feet and not the head lay across the rail. The engine passed over the left leg at the knee and the right foot at the ankle.

Gebus was conscious all of the time and appeared to be suffering agony from his injured limbs.

The injured man was taken to the hospital where it became apparent that both legs would have to be amputated and that there would be little chance of his recovery.

Gebus is a man of 24 years of age and was on his way to Portal, where his brother, J. L. Gebus is a machine collector. His brother was wired last night by Chief of Police Hagan and expected to arrive in the city today.

Neillsville (WI) Times, 08/23/1906 Source

Gored By Bull

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