Dressed For Town

The trial of Hans Thorpe has commenced in district court at Minot. the crime for which is being tried is the murder of his wife, Clara Thorpe, committed Dec. 1, 1899. Thorpe and his wife had been married less than a year, and he became jealous of her, it is thought without any reason, and on the night of Dec. 1, 1899, he followed her to the home of a neighbor, and after some conversation drew a revolver and shot his wife through the head, killing her instantly. He then fired one shot into his own head, but the bullet only glanced along his face and cut through one eye and the eyebrow. He was found on the floor unconsciousness {sp}, but soon regained senses and remarked that he was "sorry he had done so poor a job on himself." He was then taken to jail where he has since remained, and has entirely recovered from his wound. He is now trying to prove that the murder was committed while he was temporarily insane.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/4/1900

Broken Heart

Posted 07/07/2014