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Logan County Youth Is Shot; Is Under Arrest

Companion Surrendered Before Guns Were Drawn and Myron Haines Is Wounded


Chase Lasting All Day Followed Robbery on Wednesday Night in Cleveland

Jamestown, N.D., May 19.—Myron Haines, 21 years old, farmer of Logan County, is in the Stutsman county jail today with 20 No. 2 shot in his head and his partner, Irwin Sparks, also 21, is also held in the jail as the result of a wholesale robbery of stores in Cleveland, Stutsman county, Wednesday night and a subsequenty all-day chase and gun play.

Following the robbery, A.M. Ahlen, proprietor of the Motor Inn at Cleveland, and Mr. Pomeroy, gave chase to the robbers. They chased the car, they said, but the peculiar tread marks in the road. The trail lead from Cleveland down into Logan county 15 miles beyond Streeter.

The pursuers held to the trail all day Thursday and it led directly to the Haines and Stark farms it is said. There, according to authorities, the stolen goods were found.

Head Full of Shot.

Haines and Stark are said to have admitted the robbery and then escaped, pursued by Sheriff Balzer of Logan county and Ward Pomeroy and Ahlen. The two men were located behind a rockpile some miles distant. The sheriff called to them to surrender. Sparks did so, but Haines drew a gun and showed fight, then ran, pursued by the others. He was intercepted by Pomeroy, who had grabbed a shotgun. Haines pulled a revolver. Both shot at the same time, according to the story reaching here. Pomeroy was not hit, but almost the full charge of the gun entered Haines' head. He fell to the ground with a head full of bullets. He had not recovered consciousness today. Haines was brought to Jamestown by Sheriff Dan Wright of Stutsman County.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-19-1922

Youth Arrested For Robbery Is Semi-Conscious

Jamestown, N.D., May 20—Myron Haines, Logan county farmer, who was brought to the Stutsman County jail after being shot while resisting arrest, was in a semi-conscious condition today. He was able to ask for a drink of water. His recovery is problematical. He was arrested following the robbery of stores at Cleveland.

The Bismarck Tribune, 5-20-1922

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