Kinney Killed


Wahpeton, July 13.—Clarence Goff, the eldest son of F. L. Goff, a farmer living eight miles southwest of Lidgerwood, was struck by lightning and instantly killed.

He and the hired man Ernest Lamb, were hauling manure and while unloading in the field the bold came killing young Goff instantly and setting his clothes on fire. The hired man, who was at the opposite end of the wagon had one shoe torn to shreds, his foot badly burned and was stunned by the shock. He soon recovered and and {sp} extinguished the burning clothing of his companion and notified Mr. and Mrs. Goff, who helped carry the corpse to the house. The young man's clothing was torn and burned, a watch in in his pocket was melted out of shape, and his body was badly burned.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/13/1900

Ball In Bismarck

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