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Willie Crary was Drowned at Devils Lake.

Willie Crary, a boy 11 years of age, and the son of the Crary hotel keeper, was drowned at Devils Lake, Friday shortly after dinner. The little fellow went to the lake against his mothers {sp} will and floated out into deep water on a sack of corks. The sack got away from him and he sank five or six times. Two little companions were on the shore, and thought he was fooling. The boy could not swim. A man was called, and he stated that for a minute he saw the little boy floating in the water on his back. The water was not six feet deep, and the man could undoubtedly have saved his life had he rushed at once into the water. The body was recovered after half an hour and everything was done to restore life that could not be done. After several hours of futile work, the doctor present gave up. An attempt was made to induce artificial respiration and the remains were taken to the power house and given electrical shocks.

It was a pitiful scene when the aged father waded into the water and tried to locate his son. The remains were found by Joe. Rusink, a former Minot barber. This is the third drowning that has taken place at Devils Lake since the Chatauqua {sp} opened several years ago.

Ward County Independent, 7/12/1905

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