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Think Fire Started To Get Revence

Underwood Journal: A fire occurred at the home of Ole Gradin, seven miles southwest of Underwood, in which Mr. Gradin lost his large barn and everything there was in it except the stock.

Mr. Gradin was returning home from Underwood with a lad when, within a mile and a half of home, he noticed his barn was on fire. He put the whip to his horses, who had been taking their time, and arrived at the scene in time to cut loose fourteen head of fine work horses. As the last horse left the barn the floor fell in nearly catching Mr. Grandin as it fell. All that remained in the barn were a calf and a hog that were unable to get out.

Beside loosing {sp} the barn, a large amount of hay and oats were burned, together with twelve sets of harnesses and some machinery. The total loss is about $2,000, as it was partly covered by insurance3.

The cause of the fire is a mystery, but it is thought some convict that had served his time at Bismarck and wanted a revenge on the ex-sheriff is the one that did the deed.

The Bismarck Daily Tribune, 6-26-1911

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Posted 06/11/2012