Under Wire Fence

Nels N. Myhre, who resides about a mile east of Sanborn was in the city yesterday searching for his wife who has been missing since Sunday. Mr. Myhre and his hired man went to Sanborn Sunday morning to get the mail. Mrs. Myhre was at home when they left but was missing when they returned about noon. Mr. Myhre gave no thought to her absence at the time as it was probably that she had gone to a neighbor's for a brief visit. Supper time came and Mrs. Myhre was still missing and her whereabouts are still unknown. Mrs. Myhre is about five feet five inches in height and weighs about 150 pounds. She has dark hair, dark complexon {sp} and red cheeks. She is of a retiring, though pleasant disposition.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 9/29/1904

The wife of Nels M. Myhre of Sanborn is at home again. She went only as far as Valley City, and the row was the result of a little misunderstanding.

Pembina Pioneer Express, 10/21/1904

Kills Horse and Self

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