In The Way

Probably Murdered.

Messrs. Hennesy and Dunn, two gentlemen from Bob Mathew's ranch, near Buford, on the Missouri river, arrived in the city yesterday, bringing the intelligence that en route, at a point seven miles above the Slides, they found on the prairie two bodies, so badly burned by prairie fires as to be unrecognizeable. The remains are supposed to be those of Billy Close and Jack Williams, two wood hawks who kept a yard on the river at Strawberry Island. They are known to have left their yard two weeks ago Sunday for Berthold, to purchase supplies, and have not been seen since. They had a team and heavy wagon, and Close had at least $200 on his person when he left.

Messrs. Hennesy and Dunn sent word back to Buford, where the father of young Close lives, that they had found the two bodies, but as they could not recognize them they did nothing with them. It is not unlikely that the men were killed by Cree Indians, but the most natural supposition is that they were killed for their money by some rivals in business.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/5/1883

Turned Turtle

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