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Forty to Fifty Persons Launch Hunt Near Moorhead, Minnesota for Rust

Fargo, N.D. July 13—Sheriff Fred Kraemer of Fargo, and Peter Melvey of Moorhead, were called to Detroit, Minn., last evening to help capture Edwin Rust.

The hunt for the youthful murderer of Sheriff L.C. Fulker of Aberdeen, S.D., on a train near Moorhead Sunday evening, July 1, has been resumed in earnest. A sheriff's possee renewed the search last night when Rust is said to have been discovered on a freight train in the yards at Detroit.

Traveled With Rust.

About 8 p.m. yesterday a stranger came to the office of Sheriff Ed. Swanson of Becker county in Detroit and reported that Rust was beating his way east on a freight train that just had arrived in Detroit. The assertion was borne out by another stranger, companion of the first. They claimed they traveled with Rust from Staples.

The sheriff with deputies {illegible} the train.

A man, whom the officers believe was Rust, took to the woods when the officers attempted to surround him. The sheriff and his aides gabve chace and a general alarm was sounded.

The fugitive managed to get away in the woods to the west of Detroit and up to an early hour this morning the man hunt had proven fruitless.

Alarm is Sounded.

The sheriffs of Clark county, Minn., and Cass county, N.D., were immediately notified and they, with several deputies joined the hunt within a short time. At midnight it was reported at the Detroit jail that between 40 and 60 persons had taken up the search.

Bismarck Tribune, 7/14/1923

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