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Irma Erwin Poppler Makes Statement Showing Work Done By Her Department During the Month of January—Had a Busy Month

In her monthly report Fargo's policewoman, Irman Erwin Poppler, shows that she has conducted 176 personal interviews during the month of Janiary, besides doing a large amount of other good work.

The report in full is as follows: Calls made for investigation or consultation......134

Personal interviews......176

Dances attended and supervised....8

Trains met by requests made through mail or telephone......8

Letters written in connection with work of office.......27

Women in city jail......2

Number of cases this month—Girl, 18; boys, 14; families, 6; total.......38

Much miscellanwous work done which has no way of being tabilated under any head at all. Respectfully submitted, Irma Erwin Poppler.

Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 2/5/1915

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Posted 12/13/2013