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(By Associated Press)

Chicago, Jan. 17—The secret wedding here Saturday of Dr. David McLain of Jamestown, N.D., dentist, aged 62, and Miss Jennie Graves, aged 24, displeased the latter's parents, largely gecause {sp} of the disparity of ages as well as the fact that McLain has already twice married.

Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Graves, the bride's parents, opposed the match last summer, when they forgade {sp} McLain visiting the house. McLain was not discouraged, however, but kept the mails busy with love letters and with success.

McLain formerly lived in Chicago and three years ago had Miss Graves in his Sunday school class, thus starting the acquaintance.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/18/1910

Note: the 'b' and the 'g' on the Linotype keyboard are right next to each other, hence the repeated mistype.

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