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Mountrail County Farmer Is Injured

Stanley Sun: Main street in Stanley was the scene of a serious accident, as a result of which Andrew Peterson, who has a farm 13 miles southwest of here, lies in the Northwestern hospital in a precarious condition. He had come to Stanley to buy supplies and was sitting on his wagon in front of Louis Sheldahl's store in the act of taking some groceries from Louis when his team started with a sudden jerk, throwing him under the wheels. The wheels of the wagon, which was heavily loaded, passed over his head and body obliquely, breaking both jaws, the upper and left, and both sides of the lower jaw, and injuring his chest. The wheel struck his head squarely and struck and dragged him some little way on his face, which was very badly lacerated. He was carried by the bystanders into the office of a surgeon where his wounds were dressed and on the following morning he was taken to Minot to the hospital, where he could get the care necessary to keep him in the land of the living.

After the accident the team ran on down Main Street and were stopped out south of town.

Mr. Sheldahl recieved a telephone message yesterday to the effect that the patient was doing as well as could be expected and that if no complications set in he has a good show to get well, although his face will be doubtlessly mutilated for life.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 5-16-1911

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