Shot Gun Brigade


Sioux Falls, S.D., May 26.—It is pretty tough on a man when he cannot go hme and enter his own house through a window without being arrested by the police. But that was what happened to a householder on West Eighth street, between Duluth and Summit avenue last night.

According to the police, a woman telephoned the police station about 11 o'clock p. m. and excitedly told the desk sergeant that someone was trying to break into her house, and was at one of the windows making a disturbance while she was telephoning.

Police officers hastily jumped into the patrol wagon and made a run to the scene of action. Then the fun began. There was all kinds of explaining. The woman of the house opened the door to explain things to the policemen, when the man that was wanted stepped into sight.

"Hands up!" demanded the officers.

"Nothing doing," answered the man, "can't I even try to get into my own house without being arrested? Explain things, wifey dear."

Then the police men went back to the station and told the story.

Mitchell Evening Republican, 5/26/1921

Peculiar Accident

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