Killed His Neighbor's Stock

Quite a lively case was settled before one of the city attorneys the other day, without any fuss or delay. It seems that A. Fleutsch, a farmer, living two or three miles northwest of Spiritwood, turned his horses loose or allowed them to run about his place without restraint, and on the morning of the 11th inst., about 2 a.m.m they wandered over to F. Peterson's place, a neighbor of A. Fleutsch's. Mr. Peterson, who is very irascible, awakened by the stock, took his gun and in five shots killed, without attempting to drive them away, three valuable horses. Civil action was immediately brought against him by Fleutsch, and last Saturday he came in and settled the case, by paying $300 cash, the cost of prosecution, which amounted to some $20, and gave a mortgage for $300 more. Peterson owned up to the deed and did not try to deny it in any way. It is reported that his mind is not wholly sound and he is not always responsible far {sp} his actions.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 10/20/1892

Accidental Discharge

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