Lankin, N.D., July 27—Joe Kisela, aged twenty-four years, who had been working on the farm of M.E. Sherek, west of town, for the past two seasons, met with an accident which later cost him his life.

In company with Mr. Sherek he was in the field nowing hay, the former driving the lead team, the young man's team following a short distance behind. In some manner the young man became entangled in the sickle and as the team ran he was unable to extricate himself and the body dragged for some distance. The left lower limb and ankle were badly lacerated and one of the bones broken or cut in two. Just how the accident happened will never be known but as one of the horses had thrown its bridle it is supposed he went in front of the sickle to replace it and that while in this position the horses started.

Medical assistance was summoned hastily and after an examination it was decided to remove the young man to the hospital without delay. Everything possible was done to save the young man's life, but to no avail as he passed away, the shock coupled with the loss of blood causing his death.

Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 7/27/1915

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