Would-Be Toughs

Mule Won't Join Parade

Mandan Rotarians Have To Leave Him Standing

Mandan Rotarians were somewhat {illegible} early today.

They borrowed an imported Missouri mule for use in the Rotary parade last evening. It was in front of the International Harvester Company and when the parade started. A.H. Peterson, cashier of the Farmers State Bank, climbed on. But the mule wouldn't budge. Finally the Rotarians had to leave him.

When they returned the mule wouldn't budge. A couple dragged him by the halter, with County Superintendent of Schools H.K. Jenson encouraging him from the rear by judicious use of a Ford coupe. They got the mule to the Katz livery barn. The Rotarians figured the jack was sick and probably would die, and it is said the animal was worth $800.

But it was just plain mule stubborness, for it was reported at the livery barn today that the mule appeared all right.

The Bismarck Tribune, 4/28/1924


Posted 04/07/2012