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T. P. Davis, chairman of the Board of County commissioners, met with a severe accident Sunday. He was riding on the prairie at a rapid pace when his horse stumbled and threw him. He struck the ground on his forehead producing concussion of the brain to such an extent that he was unconscious for many hours. Monday morning he was better and the doctor hoped for his recovery.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/10/1876

T. P. Davis, whose serious injury was noted last week, is recovering slowly. He was on the streets as early as last Friday, although assisted by two friends. He has been rational most of the time since the injury therefore serious injury to the mind is not feared, although the blow on the head was a terrible one. His strong constitution and steady habits were the greatest elements of strength in his favor, although the skill of his physicians is undoubted.

Bismarck Tribune, 5/17/1876

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