His Own Wagon

Man Mangled By Train at Eckelson

Stranger in State Ground to Death Under Cars Of Train Saturday.

Porter Hussan, of Muncie, Indiana, was horribly mangled and killed Saturday afternoon at Eckelson, when he was run over by a west bound freight train.

Hussan, who it appears, from papers found on him, was in the state for the harvest season, attempted to board the train about two o'clock in the afternoon, just as it was about to pull out of Eckelson.

As he attempted to swing himself onto the cars his hand slipped and his body swung under the wheels. The body was dragged for several hundred feet, and before the train could be stopped was horribly ground and mangled.

Relatives of the man at Muncie, have been notified, and it is probably the body will be returned there for burial. It is said that he had a brother with him on the trip, but this report could not be verified.

Valley City Times-Record, 8/7/1913

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