Above the Heart

MADAM DARRELL Has Again Returned to the City on Account of the Numerous Requests of the Many Friends She Left Behind. This Gifted Lady Tells the Past Present and Future as No Other Living Person Can. Gives Advice on Love, Marriage, Divorces, Sickness, Lost or Stolen Property, Locates Hidden Treasures and Minerals; in Fact Your Life Is to Her an Open Book. If you Are in Trouble or Wish to Know What the Future Holds in Store for You, Call on the Gifted Lady. Parlors at 28 Merritt Street.

Oshkosh (WI) Daily Northwestern, 8/19/1896 (classified ad)

MRS. I. DARRELL, CLAIRVOYANT and trance medium. Hours 8 to 12, 1 to 9, 411 P.

Sacramento (CA) Record-Union, 9/20/1896 (classified ad)


Miss Lillian Darrell, the noted palmist and clairvoyant, is now located at 671½ Main street, Deadwood, where she can be consulted on all affairs of life for a few days only. Don't forget the address—671½ Main street, Deadwood.

Lead (SD) Daily Call, 6/27/1902 (advertisement)



Satisfaction or No Pay

Horoscope given free with each full life reading.

Mrs. Darrell, the acknowledged queen of clairvoyants, and palmistry, has by her marvelous gifts, succeeded in dumbfounding learned savants of Europe and scientific men of America, whose unending efforts to solve the mystery surrounding her have only served to plunge them into greater darkness.

It is a matter of history from the remotest aged to the present time that there are few people who posses occult power sufficient to enable them to accurately reveal the past and give a correst {sp} forecast of the future.

To Mrs. Darrell, nature has been most kind, bequeathing to her that rare gift which enabled her to reveal the lives of her fellow creatures as clearly as an open book.

Gifted by nature with mediumestic powers she can read your future destiny with as much certainty as the solving of a mathematical problem.

When you call on Mrs. Darrell today or tomorrow, you will find her advice clear, concise and right to the point and well worth the trouble of a call. Remember, that I guarantee to give you entire and perfect satisfaction or charge you nothing.

Salmon Block

No. 107 Main St. LEAD

Deadwood (SD) Pioneer Times, 12/4/1906 (advertisement)

MME. DARRELL, palmist and clairvoyant, card reader: past present and future. 125 Raymond hotel, 62 Main, bet. So. Temple and 1st South.

MADAM DARRELL, palmist and clairvoyant; scientific and truthful readings of past, present and future. 125 Raymond hotel, 62 Main st.

Salt Lake Herald-Republican, 7/8/1910 (classified ads)

MME. DARRELL teaches palmistry. Over Journal office. Goodnough bldg., Elevator 5th Floor. Suite 505

Oregon Daily Journal, 2/10/1911 (classified ads)

Mrs. Darrell, palmist, for a few days only. Located at 620½ Front street, over Empress theatre. Call today. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Reading 50c. 60-1m

Brainerd (MN) Daily Dispatch, 9/26/1912



Who is in your city. Come and see her today. Your luck is in your hand. Learn palmistry and read your own future. Madam Darrell has studied palmistry under Professor Cheiro's methods—Professor Cheiro, the world's greatest palmist. It teaches the length of life; tells how many times you are destined to marry—if you will. Gives initials of names of those you love and recognize. It teaches what you are best fitted for. There is no life so dreary or sad that cannot be bettered by being able to read your hand. The Bible says the sign is in the hand of man. So you may know the good and evil thereof. Palmistry teaches you what you would be successful in—whether it is a trade or profession, and if you should be a mechanic or a merchant, doctor or lawyer, senator or soldier; tells whether you may gain your fondest hopes; if it will be success or failure that will greet your efforts; teaches the art of gaining love and friendship; how to strengthen your weak points, making you more lucky; teaches what you would be best fitted for—whether a profession or a trade—what your vocation in life should be. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Call today, 11½ South Main, room 6, opp. Deseret News bldg.

Salt Lake Herald-Republican, 6/21/1910 (classified ads)

Good Luck

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